Print vs Electronic – What Is The Future?

Just yesterday I was talking about the good and bad of social media and the potential pitfalls with time management. My routine each morning is to check for any news items on Twitter or Facebook or bookmarked blogs after catching up on my email. This morning there was one post on Facebook that caught my eye and was definitely worth the click through.

Via was Time Inc. Show Us Their Idea of The Future of Magazines [Video]. It was about how publishers are preparing digital versions of their magazines for the Apple Tablet. Apple hasn’t even officially confirmed they are working on this device. Embedded in the post was a pretty sophisticated demo of Sports Illustrated.

Amazing as the demo was – it had its critics. Check out Gizmodo’s post Time’s Manhattan Project Will Explode Like the Atomic Bomb It Is. The article questions how it’s any different from a web page and at ten times the cost. They state it’s pretty packaging but still stale and dead.

The future of publishing is an interesting debate. I suppose it really all comes down to how we the consumers want our information. What do you think?

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4 Replies to “Print vs Electronic – What Is The Future?”

  1. It’s interesting how all the new platforms are so visually driven. Regardless of the electronic delivery medium, my take on these trends is the importance of photos / video/ multimedia to engage the viewer. It’s the power of visuals that quickly capture the attention of the viewer to interact with stories of interest.

  2. Indeed: the power of visuals.

    As an active lifestyle, people-in-motion shooter, I was interested to see this morning that Patagonia has released their first paperless catalog for their Surf line, opting not to print the mail order edition. It looks great, pages “turn” and it integrates clips, videos, links. The next wave….and a touchstone for the emerging newmedia era for photographers.

  3. Kevin,

    Thanks for the link – very cool and a great use of new media. The amazing thing about electronic delivery is not only is it driving the demand for video but video is the perfect complement for a catalog that’s all about action.

    Nice to meet you yesterday in LA – thanks for attending the seminar.

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