The D.I.Y. Age

The world is full of possibilities these days.  In fact, for the individual and their “reach” globally – it’s staggering how many possibilities exist that didn’t just a couple of years ago.

We can not only create in a more affordable way with inexpensive equipment and leaner crews – we can also get our creations out to the world without the need for a publisher or a stock agency or a film distributor.

We can do all those things due to the exponential growth of technology.  But we also need to recognize that all those possibilities come with a cost, in terms of dollars as well as man-hours.  Each one of those possibilities takes time and money in order to become a reality.

Even the path to getting money or financing these days has changed because of crowd funding.  But like anything else you need to stand out amongst the noise, so who knows how long this trend can sustain itself.

If you’re planning a personal project, keep in mind that you will need to not only create it but find a way to get it out there after completion.  Expect to put time and money into:

•    Self – Publishing – this includes hiring a designer and researching self-publishing partners like in the print publishing world. They also offer downloads. In the motion world, you have options like Amazon, iTunes and Netflix.
•    Marketing, PR and advertising – This is definitely an area where you will need money and expertise. Jon Reiss in his book “Think Outside the Box Office” suggests that it will take an investment for at least as much as you spent creating your film.
•    Crowd funding – The crowd funding sites provide you a portal if your project is accepted but you need to do the work as far as getting people to know about your project and fund it.
•    Bookings – Whether it is an exhibit or a movie or a lecture – you need someone to book venues for you.  This could also mean finding sponsors.

The bottom line is really kind of an old fashioned notion in a high tech age and that is – the prize is out there is you’re willing to do the work.

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