Change or Frustration?

Seth Godin writes today about what he picks as the two most important trends facing us in the decade ahead – change and frustration.

He points out that “the infrastructure of massive connection is now real”.  The first Internet generation has grown up and is eager to change everything.  Baby boomers, like myself need to come to terms with reality. He says, “boomers” are getting older, our dreams are fading and that we’re starting to realize that were are not going to live forever. He warns that our frustration will be acted out in public. And then he reminds us that we all get to pick one of these two alternatives – but “being frustrated about change doesn’t count as doing both”.

I’m a baby boomer and my choice is to embrace change – but then again that has always been my “outlook” of choice. Maybe because I work hard at not letting my dreams fade away.  Sometimes old dreams have changed into new ones – but I always have at least one dream on my horizon. Sure, sometimes I get frustrated when things get in the way of my dreams, but that frustration usually awakens an even more determined spirit inside of me.

Isn’t that what us baby boomers have been doing all of our lives? – turning our frustrations into effecting change?  Just look at the last 40 years of boomers bringing about change – some good – some not so good.  But we certainly can’t be accused of being an apathetic generation – choosing to stay static and follow the status quo.

I don’t equate being open to change, with age. I’ve met some pretty rigid people who are 30 years younger than I am. I think it comes down to choice of outlook and just knowing that most of us have the power to make that choice.  For me, on this New Year’s Day, I choose embrace change – create change.  I feel energized about the year ahead.  Does that mean that I’m not acting my age? I think it just means that I’m being myself.

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