A Professional Photographer’s Manifesto

My creed:

  • I listen to a client’s needs and provide valuable solutions.
  • I have a strategy but I’m open to serendipity.Gail showing video to children of remote Amazon village, Peru
  • I evolve, explore and keep my skill set current and up to date.
  • I have a wealth of experience – on the job and in my life.
  • I don’t need to be “picked” or assigned to pursue what I love and that is to create.
  • I use my craft to create awareness and effect change.
  • I believe the message is just as, if not more important than the media.
  • I am a storyteller and use the medium that best fits the story that needs to be told.
  • I deliver on time and on budget.
  • I challenge myself and I’m not afraid to take risks.
  • I enjoy collaborating with people who are great at what they do.
  • I ask the right questions to get the job done.
  • I don’t make promises I can’t keep.
  • I’m a great producer because I think of all the details.
  • I am an observer of real life – and it shows in my work.
  • I have a strong desire to be the best I can be.
  • I care about my subjects and it shows.
  • I am curious and am always in pursuit of a project.
  • I am grateful that I love what I do and it provides value to my clients.
  • I am authentic and stay true to my spirit.
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