Memorial Day

This weekend for many is the start of summer. For others it’s a big shopping weekend. And then there’s the real meaning of the weekend and Memorial Day itself, and that is to pay homage to those who have died for our country.

I started thinking about a group that I was made aware of at the Final Cut Pro Users Meet at NAB this past April. The group was called Wounded Marine Careers Foundation

Essentially that evening 20 plus wounded veterans came to the stage to present themselves as newly accredited media professionals. They had just graduated from the The Wounded Marine Training Center for Careers in Media where they were trained and certified in filmmaking skills.

That night they showed a video that they had made about the program itself. That night they presented themselves as professionals new to the marketplace to be hired for their skills.

I was in awe of what these men and women had to overcome to get to this point. I was in awe of the organization that gave them the chance to heal and to establish a new career. Whoever hires them will no doubt not only be rewarded by their know how, but their tenacity and loyalty as well.

What a story it is in itself. To empower people to help themselves and to bring others’ stories to all of us in the process.
What a win win situation.

Maybe this weekend while we are remembering those who have given their lives for our country – we can also remember those who gave their service to our country and how now we can help them.

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