A Time For Everything

Have you ever had days when you’ve had dozens of pressing items that need attention, yet somehow you just can’t seem to concentrate, no matter how hard you try?  Your mind just seems to drift.  Today is one of those days for me. My mind is scattered and my thoughts are thrown in a million different directions.  Is it a bad case of spring fever or is it the beginning of something less temporary?

Spring is upon us, along with that annual feeling of “new” and “fresh” that comes with it.  It’s a time of year when everything feels hopeful, especially after coming out of the dark days of winter.  This winter was harsh – not in terms of the weather but in what my spirit endured.  Things seem to come in cycles – the ups and downs of life – careers, finances, relationships – the wins – the losses.  All the stuff that goes into a life well lived.

Today my mind is drifting back to memories of those magical, lazy days that seem to be burned indelibly into memory – a rainy day conversation at a plantation in Mississippi, a long walk through Central Park with a friend on an unhurried autumn day, an afternoon on the beach, lingering long after the crowds had gone, to watch the last glint of light on the water – and so many other memories of life’s “quiet moments”.

These are the days that make up a life well lived.  It’s days like today, when I take time to remember that,  there is indeed a time for everything.  Maybe today is a day I just needed to enjoy the day itself , and welcome the spring – and the hope that comes with it.

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