Blog Statistics and What They Don’t Tell You

I don’t get it.  Typically on any given day, I get between 25 and 50 hits or readers for my blog.  Note a huge fan base for sure – but I like to blog. For some reason which I can’t figure out, my blog entry entitled “Mistakes Still Photographers Make When Shooting Video”  got 687 hits in one day.  Why?


1.    Is it because it was a top “10” list of mistakes?
2.    Is it because I left #10 open for comments?
3.    Is it because of the word “mistake” was in the title?
4.    Is it because “bullets” are easy to read?
5.    Or was it just a slow blog day?

I blog when something is in my head that I need to write about.  I know there are tips that serious bloggers offer – keeping in mind SEO, keywords and links.  But maybe if I started to “write” with those things in mind – it would be just “that”.  And it would certainly take the joy out of blogging for me.

Is this what people want?

  • Lists
  • Blogs loaded with links whether interesting or relevant.
  • Trendy and “hot” keywords

Or was it just a lot of interested still photographers who didn’t want to make mistakes when shooting video?

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