NAB thoughts

I’m at the NAB show now and there is so much to see and learn that I’m quite overloaded right now. However, I just sat in on a panel of indie filmmakers and they were all completely in love with the new Canon hybrid camera – 5DMarkII. What they liked was the ability to shoot with very shallow depth of field. Of course this is no surprise because they are coming from a film background – just as many still photographers. What they didn’t like – not being able to shoot at 24P and not being able to shoot in manual mode. Other complaints were that it was not a great tool for motion – and you had to use fast cards or you’d get drop outs.
With all that said – there is a tool for every need. This would never be a tool for a corporate shooter or a video journalist because of the limitations in audio.
Another very interesting topic came up as to ethics. Many people use this camera where video cameras are not allowed, but still camera are. Basically, they are ramboing it. One made an interesting point that at the NFL games which are shot by union video guys as well as a battery of still photographers – the have banned the canon 5dMarkII because they were afraid that still shooters would be shooting video.
We live in interesting times and more to come. Gotta run and fill my head with more info.


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