Sharing and Collaboration

Still photographers for the most part are independent creatures – usually working as a solo act. One of the joys of working in both mediums – video and photography is working with other creatives each bringing their own expertise to the end product. I’ve worked with sound people and editors on projects who brought their skills to many projects I’ve produced – each time making the end result better and stronger.

With technology moving ahead like the speed of sound, collaboration and partnerships is one way to keep up. Better to bring in associates who have know how in areas that you don’t in order to get your project to the necessary platforms in a timely way.

Along with collaboration comes the notion of sharing – sharing information, skills etc. Before all the blogs and social networks, sharing was considered by some to be giving away their secrets. Perhaps that is true, but I have found time and time again that when I have been open with my ideas, good things have come my way. Not always in the immediate sense, but ultimately everytime I have “given” I have received a lot more in return.

A few years ago, I read a book on this topic called “Wikinomics” It opened my mind to the possibilities of thinking and working in this way.

So be open to the idea of working and sharing with your peers and I’m confident the returns will bring great rewards.


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