Technology News – New Video Cameras Announced

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I’m not one to get overly infatuated with the “tools of the trade” – but this week a few new cameras and upgrades were announced.

Sony announced two new cameras the PMW-EX1R – a revision of the EX-1 and the PMW-350 with a 2/3” chip. Redesigned viewfinders on both cameras make them attractive upgrades but there are many other added features as well.

Canon announced that it is currently developing a firmware for their hybrid camera – the EOS 5D Mark II enabling the camera to record at 24fps, obviously responding from user feedback.

Canon also announced their latest still camera (that also shoots video) the EOS 1D Mark IV.  The sensor however, is a non full frame but the autofocus system has been totally revamped.

All for now as I am headed into New York for Photo Plus Expo, where I’m sure to see more new toys.  More later.


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