And Me Without My Camera

I flew out to LA on Friday and had a free afternoon before giving a seminar the next day. I had packed light.  I was only in town for a short stay and most of it devoted to my presentation. So I left my cameras at home.

I was staying in Santa Monica so when I got into LA that Friday afternoon  I headed to the Santa Monica Pier. It was the quintessential California day – weather wise bringing back a lot of memories from when I used to live in Santa Barbara. For anyone who has ever been to the pier you’ll understand when I say it was like a circus of vibrant visuals.  Within a matter of minutes I was regretting the fact that I didn’t have a camera. And then a funny thing happened – I started recording the visuals in my head and using words instead.

  • Colorful bumper cars against a bright green wall that vibrated in the late afternoon light.
  • Two men crossing paths each recording their own observations with their mobile devices silhouetted against the glare of the sun on the water.
  • Garry King  “on the scene” the street musician doing his own thing pumping out smooth sounds that drifted off in the wind.
  • A man who looked like Santa Claus and sounded like Cat Stevens singing the House of the Rising Sun, quickly followed by I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas.
  • A fisherman  weathered and alone.
  • A 400 lb mime painted silver and pulling his pedestal down the pier behind him.

Today as I headed to the airport in my rented hybrid car an old flatbed pick up, era 1920’s pulled up beside me at the light. For an instant I locked eyes with the old Mexican gentlemen who gave me a quick smile and I thought to myself – and me without a camera.

Maybe it’s time for me to get an iPhone.  If only the phone part was better.

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3 Replies to “And Me Without My Camera”

  1. My heart is breakin for ya, Gail! It’s inevitable! Happens each/every time I leave the camera home too. That’s why I now carry a pocket-sized Olympus Stylus point-and-shoot. But even then, i get caught out without it. Change purses, leave it in a pocket. Stuff happens. And usually, when I’m WC (w/o camera). 🙂

    But hey, thanks to this, I’m now carrying around in my head a fabulous picture of that Mexican gentleman in his pickup giving you the twinkle-eyed smile. You provided the image even without a camera!

    Thanks for sharing,


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