Striving for Perfection

Perfection is over rated. In fact many times in our quest for perfection, we actually stop ourselves from our pursuits – both professionally and personally. How many times have you talked yourself out of something because things weren’t perfect? Like “It’s too cold today to take a walk” or “I didn’t get around to dusting the piano so I won’t have company over.”

Nothing’s ever perfect or like Hollywood leads us to believe. And if you buy into that – you’ll end up never quite feeling like things lived up to your expectations and being miserable in the process.

This past weekend for me certainly didn’t work out the way I had planned it to be. My daughter’s scheduled 5PM flight out of Chicago on Friday night – normally a 2-hour flight – arrived at Newark at 1AM! The two parties we had planned to go to on Saturday were both postponed because of a big snowstorm.

Not my Christmas tree.
And normally we would have already picked out our Christmas tree and trimmed it by this weekend but we just didn’t get to it.

Because of the snow – we didn’t make the 40 minute drive to the party we had planned to go to but went to a neighbor’s for an impromptu dinner instead. And the tree we picked out was one that hadn’t been chosen by others earlier in the month. But it did have character and we trimmed it the same as we do every year with popcorn and cranberries and ornaments that we have collected from our travels all over the world.

And on Sunday after we shoveled out, we made the 40-minute journey to the party that had been postponed from the day before. There were about half as many people there that had been invited and along with that the food that they were supposed to bring. But even though the ham was still in Connecticut and the salad was in Staten Island we didn’t really care.

Oddly enough even though none of the original expectations of the weekend were met – it was the most perfect weekend I can remember. Today the sun is shining on a beautiful pristine blanket of fresh snow – a great day to take some time and go out for a walk.

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