Driveby Culture

Seth Godin’s blog post today “Driveby culture and the endless search for wow” really hit home with me. Godin writes:

“Should I write blog posts that increase my traffic or that help change the way (a few) people think?”

I think about this a lot – should I write about something that I know will get a lot of eyeballs or should I write about something that I’ve been thinking about that may make others think? Ironically, when I don’t think about what will attract an audience and just write from an open and honest point of view – I end up with a lot of eyeballs. And those are the eyeballs that I want to attract – the ones who I click with.

Godin goes on to say:

“More and more often, we’re seeing products and services coming to market designed to appeal to the momentary attention of the clickers.”

“Mass marketing used to be able to have it both ways. Money bought you audience. Now, all that buys you a mass market is wow and speed. Wow keeps getting harder and dives for the lowest common denominator at the same time.”

We live in a culture of “shock and awe” and sound bites. We don’t read anything lengthy – we want bullet points. Magazines don’t run stories anymore – they do survey pieces – the ten best………….. We want packaging and fizz – wowy zowy. We want exotic imagery and special effects. If it doesn’t grab our attention – we’re bored and off to the next thing. We’ve become so busy clicking around and multi-tasking we hardly take notice that we’re not getting satisfied. We’re left kind of empty feeling even though we’ve just been to a smorgasbord.

Every once in a while something comes along – a simple movie with a powerful message – an image that lingers in our minds – a story that took us to another place. Timeless thoughts, ideas and imagery that continue to resonate with the human spirit and every now and then we take pause and notice. Something makes us all stop and think – beyond the glitter, the eye-candy and the headlines.

Godin questions:

“What works to change mindsets, to spread important ideas and to create an audience for work that matters? What’s worth your effort and investment as a marketer or creator?”

For me the answer is just being myself – open and honest. There’s only one Gail Mooney and that’s what I have to share.

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