One Year and 130 Posts Later

A week or so ago, I overlooked a minor milestone. One year ago, I started Journeys of a Hybrid. I have written 131 one posts to date. That’s almost 3 a week. I told myself when I started this blog that I would embrace the idea of writing and sharing and would make it a regular habit.

Quite honestly it’s been very therapeutic for me – a way of organizing my thoughts if you will. While I’m also surprised as to which posts are widely received and which seem to barely get noticed, I’ve always written about what happens to be on my mind, rather than second guessing what I think people want to read.

I thought today – I would list my particular favorites:

Finding Your Passion

Breaking the Spirit

Convergence-Defining Yourself by Your Vision – Not Your Tool

You’re Only 25 and You’re Already Making Compromises

Standing on a 10 Foot Frozen Wave

Thanks to all of you who continue to read my random thoughts and collections of information.

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