Arriving in Uganda Under the Full Moon

It’s early morning in Kampala, the sky is just getting bright and the animals are making their music.

Our first day in Uganda was a full but relaxing one. We had arrived the night before under a full moon after over 22 hours of flying. We had left JFK on Tuesday morning and got here Wednesday night, so somehow we lost a day but we’ll make it up after we’ve completed our circle around the world, three months from now. Security in the three airports (New York, Johannesburg and Entebbe) had been a breeze and even though my daughter and I had backpacks full of camera gear, computers and hard drives, no one even blinked an eye, let alone opened anything up.

Letha Sandison of Wrap Up Africa, our first subject of our film, picked us up at 9AM and after changing money, getting a mobile phone with a local number and getting a bite to eat, we went to the local university to meet with two artists. The artists, Bruno, a potter and Sega at metalsmith were working with Letha to make buttons for the garments that she creates for her foundation Wrap Up Africa. Letha’s foundation is two-fold and is a great example of sustainability. She trains family members who have children ill with cancer to be tailors and in turn they sell the garments that they make through her foundation so they can pay for their children’s chemotherapy and hospitalization.

Even treatable cancer can be a death sentence in Uganda if a family doesn’t have the resources for medical treatment. Letha created her foundation to help these families who are dealing with cancer but her task is not an easy one and finding funding is difficult in a country and continent where Aids is so widespread and becomes a priority.

After visiting the university we went to the offices of Wrap Up Africa and entered a room where women were busy sewing. We met her staff and made a plan for shooting there today.

So we are off to start our first day of filming. We’ll shoot some interviews, do some b-roll as well as some stills. Last night we did some testing and I gave my daughter some lessons in capturing audio. She’s a quick study and has the trained ear of a musician so I’m confident she’ll make a great audio person. At any rate after 3 months, we’ll both find our groove. So we’re off and running.

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