Why Video Is So Hot

These days video is a hot topic amongst still photographers and has been for over a year.  But there’s nothing new about video so what’s the big deal?

For starters the camera manufacturers came out with the hybrids so as still photographers bought new “still cameras”, they also got a camera with video capabilities.  At the same time, the publishing business is changing rapidly.  Print is giving way to electronic delivery via iPhones, iPads, cell phones and the web.  So you’ve got what you call a changing paradigm.

Is video a trend – no not in my mind.  It’s just another medium to communicate in.  When you have a message to deliver that needs motion and sound – video is the right choice.  Does that mean still photography is dead.  Absolutely not and neither is print.

Will still camera manufacturers lead the way in the next wave of “video cameras” with hi res images.  My guess is no and that’s because traditional video camera manufacturers like Panasonic have already rolled out video cameras with large chips – and with good audio capture capabilities without work arounds like the hybrids.

Nobody can predict the future but I don’t think it takes a crystal ball to see that video isn’t just a hot topic for the moment or a trend, but has become a way that we get our news, our products pitched to us and our stories told.

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