Top Five Tips For Photographers Moving into Motion

The last post I wrote was titled The Top 5 Mistakes Photographers Making Moving From Stills to Motion.
Why is it anytime I use the word mistake in the title of a post, it goes viral?  Is it because we take comfort in knowing that other people make mistakes?  Or is it that we know we can learn from others’ mistakes?

I think it’s a bit of both.  But I also think that if one takes comfort in knowing potential pitfalls, then they may be more likely to take chances creatively and push their own limits.

In this post, I decided that I’d spin it in another direction – toward the positive – and dish out some tips for photographers moving into motion.

•    Understand where the new opportunities are. Don’t try to compete in traditional markets like broadcast spots right away.  Many new opportunities are with your still photography clients who you already have a relationship with.  They might be new to motion also and need to produce a video.  Ask.
•    Don’t do everything yourself.  You’ll need a good team.  Video has a lot of facets and you can’t do everything yourself, especially when you’re still learning. Find good audio people and editors you can work with.
•    Think differently – Shoot in sequences.  Think how you will get into and out of a shot when you’re shooting, putting the story together in your head.
•    Shoot and move  – Shoot a lot of b-roll.  Cover at least 3 angles on everything with a variety of focal lengths. Get wide, medium, tight and close-up shots.  You’ll be glad you did in the editing room.
•    Make a production schedule – And make sure you get your client to sign off after certain parts of the process – after the shoot – and throughout the edit.

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