New Opportunities for Photography

For this post, I’m going to use a very broad definition for “photography”.  I will define photography as any image still or motion shot by any camera – still camera, video camera, hybrid or even and iPhone.

The business of photography has changed with technology. To start with it demands more than just “still captures” in terms of content. These days, our clients are asking us to create stills and motion content and sometimes even 3D.  On top of that technology has made it possible for almost anyone to take a reasonably good picture or video.

So where does that leave us as far as new opportunities in the business of photography? While some look in their rear view mirror and lament the passing of the good old days, I for one have my eye on the possibilities that are open to anyone willing to do the work.

My top 5 pick of opportunities out there:

  • Once Magazine – An online photo magazine made for the iPad. Photographs and video look great on the iPad and Once, magazine shares subscription revenue 50/50 with each issue’s contributors. You no longer need an assignment to shoot those long run stories you love and monetize them.
  • Crowdfunding – With Kickstarter, RocketHub
  • DistributionFilm DIYDistribber
  • Funding and marketing  – Sokap
  • PR and Marketing ToolsTopspin Media
  • Portal for e-commerce (also integrated websites) – Photoshelter

That’s a start.  It’s never before been more possible than it is now to create, promote, market and monetize your “photography.”  Be smart.  Be authentic. Be courteous. Have a plan and be prepared to do the work.  Anything is possible. Validation for your project is no longer necessary.

If you appreciate what I have shared – here’s one last link, a shameless plug to our funding campaign on IndieGoGo for our film, Opening Our Eyes.  If you can, please contribute. If not, please pass along the link.

Marian Kramer, one of our subjects in the film says:
 “We all just have to shine each other up.”

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