Finding Momentum

This past week has been kind of a “lost” week.  I’ve been trying to get my body and mind back into gear after being away for a month – in China.

Gail Mooney on Chinese TV show

I had been in China for the past 4 weeks, teaching Chinese photojournalists, video journalism.

Before I left for China, I had been consumed with getting things ready for my trip, but that hadn’t been the only thing I needed to attend to before my departure. I was preparing for two talks that I had to present at the NAB Show (National Association of Broadcasters in Las Vegas, setup up a private screening in northern California for Opening Our Eyes as well as fulfilling the needs and travel logistics for three film festivals the film had been invited to. I had my hands full.

Before I even got on the plane to China, I needed a vacation.  I had one night at home after being in Las Vegas for a week, before I left home for a month in China.  Somehow, my body, mind and spirit got through the rigors of China.  My students’ eagerness to learn and my good friend, Todd Joyce, who was one of the teachers, buoyed my spirits. Having someone there to bounce things off of while sharing peanut butter and crackers (a comfort from home) helped get me through some tough times.

This past week, my body just gave out on me after being depleted for so long.  I happily gave into it, taking long naps, walking and just doing nothing.  I’m slowly, getting back to “normal” but at the same time, I recognize a bit of a shift taking place in my life as I wait for the needed momentum before I turn the page to my next chapter.

Once again, I realize that in taking myself out of my “norm” at various points in my life, I am able to step back and reassess where I’m headed and look at my future path with fresh eyes.  This month away – as hard as it was at times – has given me a new perspective on things that I thought were important.  It has helped me to bring closure with some things in my life that had been played out.

My body, mind and spirit will let me know when it’s time to head into the next chapter of life.  I’m not rushing it.  I’m enjoying the simple pleasures of life – a cup of coffee, a walk in the woods or cuddling with my husband on the couch, watching mindless TV. Perhaps we’ll go to the beach this weekend and take a bike ride on the boardwalk in the early morning hours.  Maybe take in a movie or have a hamburger off the grill.  I’m taking it hour by hour and not planning a thing.  I think that is probably one of my greatest joys right now is simply knowing that I can do whatever I want to do and whenever I want to do it.  My liberties are back and that’s enough for me right now – until my momentum returns for life’s next chapter.


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