Online or Web Video

Many of my clients who do business on the internet recognize the power of online video as a marketing tool. Online video can promote their brand by connecting with their customers. It also can give some insight into their company’s personality by providing extra information. And if done well, your online video will be shared virally on social media sites, potentially building a following.

I’ve done testimonial web videos for clients where their customers tell their story. I’ve been hired by publishers to shoot video interviews with authors to talk about themselves and their book – in a sense, like a video book jacket. I’ve shot “how to’s” for companies to show how to use their products. I’ve produced many web videos for the travel/resort markets which is the ultimate way to promote a destination because you can work in the sights and sounds of a place.

I have also created web videos for educational institutions to recruit students who respond much better to the internet than print brochures that are mailed. I’ve created videos for non profits to create awareness and aid in their fund raising . And I have produced and shot numerous online videos for editorial markets. Online video stories are becoming more and more popular with magazine publishers.

What’s most important in creating online videos is that they must be authenticate and entertaining. Those ingredients will not only attract  viewers but will cause a viewer to share the video and spread the word. Be sincere and be engaging. Keep them short. Make sure your video can be embedded and emailed so that it can be shared on different social media sites. Web videos can be inserted on websites, blogs, electronic newsletters and can be the most affordable and effective way of getting your message out. But remember – this is your brand so be consistent. Approach it with the same quality as you would in other promotions. Give it a personality without the hard sell.


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