Marketing Yourself with Video

Video can be a great way to market yourself and your business online. It has become easier and easier to upload or embed video to your website and your blog. In additon, video host sites like You Tube or Vimeo allow you to upload and share your videos and let you create your own TV channel. You get the value of people sharing your video virally and referring others to it. You can also create a link back to your website or blog.

With that said, you want your video to call attention to your business and be consistent with your brand. It needs to be entertaining or informative and relevant to your target audience for it to be noticed and shared. The quality has to be decent enough to get your point across and if your business is a creative one like photography or video production, good quality is a must.

Your video can be about yourself, how you work and can show you in action. Photographer Chase Jarvis has a nice promotional video on his site. And depending on your target audience – it can be instructional. The video should be short – less than 5 minutes and engaging. You want to make people remember you and come back to your website or blog.

With all the new tools like the latest iphone and the Flip, creating videos for blogs and emails has never been easier.


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