10 Great Links For Video Resources

If you’re like me, no matter how much you think you know – when it comes to video production and editing – there’s always something you don’t know.
I have been helped on numerous occasions with a little help from my friends and great resources.

Here’s my Top 10 List of Online Resources and Blogs for Video Info

http://forums.creativecow.net/ Info, forums and tutorials
http://www.dvinfo.net/ Tutorials and interactive forum.
http://www.2-popforums.com/forums/ Forums for video discussions.
http://discussions.apple.com/index.jspa Apple’s discussion forums
http://tiny.cc/BbKwL Ken Stone – Final Cut Pro guru
http://digitaljournalist.org/ Monthly online magazine
http://tiny.cc/qcrWh Digital Juice -Tutorials and forums.
http://tiny.cc/vfKr0 Chuck Fadely’s Blog – great info on video
http://www.photoshopforvideo.com/ Photoshop Tips
http://www.lynda.com Training for just about anything!


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