Some Useful Information for Workflow

I made a few new discoveries this past week.  Forgive me if these items aren’t new but they’re new to me.

One item I discovered was Drop Box and the timing was perfect.  Drop Box is a sharing and storage site.  I can upload files and documents to their server and share those files with anyone who has Drop Box installed on their computer. For instance, I am able to share project files and updates with the editor that I am working with on Opening Our Eyes.  This past week, I was working on a new trailer for my film and I was able to share that updated project file with him, along with the RF music that I licensed for it.

The other thing that I love about Drop Box is that I can share files and info with the various computers that I work on.  No more emailing docs or copying media to a DVD so that I can transfer files over to my laptop.  With Drop Box installed, I can share files, media and calendars with any and all of my computers.  As a bonus, Drop Box acts as an off site storage solution as well.

My other discovery was a royalty free music site called Neosounds. I’ve been searching through hundreds of royalty free music libraries over the years and Neosounds is definitely the best source for high quality music that I’ve found.  It stands out amongst the rest because their music doesn’t sound like royalty free music.  Recently, I needed  music for a new trailer that I was making for OOE and I was googling around for some cinematic sounds. I found the perfect background music for my film’s trailer.  I’m still tweaking the trailer a bit, but you can listen to a clip of music from Neosounds that I used in a short video I made that appeared on a recent blog post.

One last item that I’ll mention is a great source for travel guides – the unconventional type. They are called Unconventional Guides and are brought to you by Chris Guillebeau. Since discovering Chris Guillebeau’s blog The Art of Non-Conformity, I’ve become a huge fan of Chris and his writings.  If you haven’t discovered Chris’s blog , then do so. He has an amazing outlook on life and he articulates his thoughts  so beautifully in his blog.  His global view of the world and how to live life is truly an inspiration to me.  He’s definitely, a kindred spirit.

Back to tweaking.  Stay tuned for my next blog with links to some new samples.

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