The Definition of Insanity

It’s been said that doing things over and over again the same way and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity.  I’m not totally sure about that.  I think it depends on what you are talking about and how it may affect other people.

I suppose that if one were to use the example of somebody who consistently breaks promises, yet still expects people to trust him/her – well, then that could support this theory. But, even so. I don’t think they are “insane” – I just think they are self-centered – they don’t consider how they affect others through their actions.

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But, I look at this statement differently. I’ve learned that just because I make an attempt at something and it doesn’t succeed right away, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m insane to try again. Even if I don’t alter what I’m doing or how I approach it, it could succeed if I give it another chance. It could have been that my timing wasn’t right the first time around. If it’s something I believe in, I’ll be persistent in order to make it happen – no matter how many times I have to try.  Doe this mean that because I WON’T give up and I keep trying – I’m insane? If that’s the definition of insanity then I’m insane.

Sometimes, it takes that one person, who is crazy enough to believe in their dream and make it a reality, that makes us take notice.  You know the story of the overnight success and the years it took to get there.  The world is full of people with stories like that – people who just keep trying and hoping for a different outcome – even though they may have failed a dozen times. But they didn’t really fail.  It just wasn’t the right time.

Everything happens in its own time, when it’s meant to happen.  Just because it didn’t work out the way you had hoped the first time – doesn’t mean you’re insane to keep trying and hoping for a different outcome.  When you are true to your core and stick to your beliefs, the right people sense it and come into enter life because of it.   But you have to be crazy enough to think it can happen.


One Reply to “The Definition of Insanity”

  1. Wow what a breath of fresh air this morning! Thanks for the inspiration and the reminder that it’s not doing the same THING over and over that’s questionable, it’s doing the same thing in the same WAY over and over. Small adjustments in the rudder of the boat make for huge differences in where we come out on the journey.
    Carry on!

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