Open Yourself to Possibilities

Thank goodness February is over. It’s been a long, cold, snowy winter here in New Jersey and February felt particularly brutal.  I can cope with cold weather pretty well but “cabin fever” can be deadly for me. And last month it almost killed me.  I had been in isolation editing video for 14 hours a day – every day. It was almost inhuman.

This weekend I headed down to Philadelphia to present a seminar at

©Douglas Bovitt

ASMP’s SB3.  It was just what I needed.  I needed to connect with people.  Conferences like SB3 are meant for stimulation and learning and everyone walks away with their heads exploding with new ideas – attendee and presenter alike.  But I walk away with so much more. What I get from interacting with people, learning from them, sharing with them is immeasurable.

Some things that stuck with me:

“Be awesome” Colleen Wainwright

“Hang out with people better than you” Blake Discher

And from Tom Kennedy

Freedom – to see – to be open to opportunities
Authenticity – be yourself
Intentionality – live intentionally – be proactive
Trust – in yourself
Hospitality – be open to the world

And I learned about a blog that truly resonates with me The Art of Non-Conformity
As all the conversations still run through my mind, I remember one in particular.  I was speaking with someone who had taken his own path – traveling a lot before going to college and pursuing other passions in life before settling down on a career.  He wanted to know if I would mentor him but he had so many questions, he was concerned he would infringe too much on my time. I smiled and told him that I was quite accessible and to feel free to call anytime. And that I’d let him know if he was wearing out his welcome He smiled back and said, “you have a hard time saying no don’t you?” My answer to him was “yes” and that I liked that word much more.  It opens up so many more possibilities.

If you haven’t attended on of the three SB3 events – there’s still one more in Chicago April 1- 3.  Check out what people are saying on Facebook. And then come and join us in Chicago and prepared for lots of “ah ha” moments. It could be life changing.  You just never know.

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One Reply to “Open Yourself to Possibilities”

  1. I agree 100%. This conference is an amazing shot in the arm. I’m not even close to a photographer (as you saw) and I got so much out of it. I can only imagine what it’s like for all of you guys.

    Hoping to catch you in presenter action on the next stop!

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