Somebody Should Do Something

Have you ever been in a situation or with a group of people when something is being discussed and someone says “somebody should do something”? It could be anything from a local school with a bully problem to helping victims of conflicts happening on the other side of the world. I hear that phrase too frequently. I used to say it myself. But the fact is the “somebody” is each one of us.

It seems like everyone is waiting for someone else to do something. There are some days it seems like people are in a stalled mood – everyone kind of waiting to “fix” things. There’s a lot of talk – the pundits on TV – the politicians – the short term capitalists – but nothing seems to be getting done.

I think people are basically “stuck” right now because everyone seems to be looking for that “one” perfect solution. We are so accustomed to thinking that way in our “made for TV culture” we overlook the ordinary simple things we all could be doing.

I’ve had a bit of a shift in my life over the last couple of years where I’ve really started being more conscious of my own actions and how those actions can affect my circle of influence. Just little things – but I know that the way to achieve any big goal is to break it down into little steps. One little thing I recently did was to design a simple cardboard DVD jacket for my film, rather than the traditional plastic case that DVD’s are packaged in. Committed people in grass roots groups like the  Plastic Pollution Coalition, made me aware of the huge problem with plastics and our environment.

The thing I realize though is that “doing something” – anything – is better than waiting for someone else to make things right. It feels good and it’s addictive. It’s probably one of the few addictive things that are beneficial. And it’s empowering.

Go out and create your day.

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5 Replies to “Somebody Should Do Something”

  1. You are so right Gail. Being a guy, I just want to fix “it,” and make “it” right, but where does one begin, and then will the “fix” become part of the problem?
    By “creating our day” maybe it will inspire others to do the same and perhaps even build on each other’s ideas instead of shooting them down in our own self interests.

  2. I think one needs to look at what they are good at and then find a way to put that to work on the worlds problems. I agree there is too much emphasis on “scalability”. A leftover from the “growth is necessary” mindset. Small things that make a difference make a difference.

  3. Great post! I wish we wouldn’t all sit around waiting for someone to do something and rather do something. I’m a big fan of those little things you describe, they do make a difference. Keep it up 🙂

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